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Our cast bronze plaque design wizard is unique in the industry.   It has been programmed to create character kerning and line spacing required when producing cast plaques.  There is no cost and no obligation.  You can design your own plaque,  view a scaled proof, and if you like it, you can buy it directly on line.

You can go from idea to a finished cast bronze plaque design in minutes.

Bronze Plaque Design Wizard Image
Click here to use the wizard and do your own design.

If you use the wizard to design a plaque and save your plaque design, one of our professional designers will review your design and email you comments.


Bronze Plaque Quotation Form Image Click here to fill out a form and we will do the design.

There is no cost or obligation and your design proof will be posted on line within the hour.

Cast Bronze Plaques
Our Bronze plaques are displayed below in logical groupings to enhance your on line experience.  We have divided this into convenient sections to show different product design possibilities. Click any image to view additional pictures of specific styles of cast bronze plaques. In addition to the images of existing cast plaques, you can fill out our quotation request form or try your hand with out bronze plaque design wizard. Both links are shown above.
Cast Bronze Plaque Image with Sculpted ArtworkCast Bronze Plaques can be designed to meet any taste in style.  This section represents some of our more ornate custom designed plaques.  The tree on this sample is done in a flat relief where the surface of the tree is raised the same height as the raised letters.  The cats are done in a three dimensional bas relief.

Click on the image to view additional photographs of some of our unique designs of cast bronze plaques.
Image of Cast Bronze Plaque / Memorial Plaque Memorial Plaques - These cast bronze plaques are designed for use as Memorial Plaques. They come in many sizes and shapes for different applications such as memorial walls and grave markers.  Since there is an unlimited variety, please call for our design assistance.

Click on the image to view additional photographs of some of our unique designs of memorial plaques..

Image of Bronze Plaque / Veterans Plaque Veterans Plaques - these cast bronze plaques are all designed with sculpted bas relief images applicable to veteran tributes and veterans memorials. The words on most of these plaques can be customized to suit your specific application. Since the images are sculpted, these plaques are only available in the sizes specified.

Click on the image to view additional photographs of some of our veterans plaques.

Image of Cast Bronze Plaque / Military Plaque Military Plaques - These bronze plaque designs are creations of our company and are installed in military installations across the world. The plaque to the left is installed in Germany.

Click on the image to view additional photographs of our custom designed military plaques installed from Alaska to Iraq.

Image of National Register Historical Bronze Plaque Historical Plaques - These cast bronze plaques are used to denote buildings that are listed in the National Register of Historical Places. These plaques may be purchased as shown or the text may be altered to fit your needs at no additional charge.

Click on the image to view additional images of National Register plaques (we are not associated with the National Register of Historical Places).

Image of Large Cast Bronze Plaque Cast Bronze Plaques - Cast Aluminum Plaques - We can cast any size bronze plaque or aluminum plaque you require.

Click on the image to view many samples of cast plaques on our cast plaque photo gallery.

Cast Bronze Seal Image Cast Bronze Seals - (State Seals and Government Seals) - this section contains a large selection of cast bronze seals, such as state seals, city seals, government seals and others - from painted sculpted bas relief seals to flat relief seals.

Click on the image to view different types of designs of cast bronze seals.

Image of Cast Bronze Plaque with Bas Relief There are numerous methods for handling bronze plaques with Image Treatments - see a comparison of plaque image treatments as well as additional photographs by clicking on this image.

Click of the image to view additional photographs of cast bronze plaques that have custom image treatments.

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Our cast bronze plaques are designed to last forever!!  They are cast using a bronze alloy of Copper / tin / lead in an 88/10/2 ratio. Although many products may look the same when new, there is no other product made that has the quality and longevity of real bronze.   We typically quote the smallest size plaque that can be made in cast bronze AND HAVE A QUALITY APPEARANCE AND BE EASY TO READ.  If you get another quote for for the same text / image treatment, and the plaque is much smaller than  we are quoting, thecharacters and lines may be compressed or you may have been quoted an etched zinc product.   Although it may look and feel the same as a cast bronze plaque, if mounted outdoors, etched zinc may last no longer than a few years.  For indoor use, etched zinc is definitely a viable product.  Please ask us to quote this as an option.

We hope we have provided you the information your were looking for about bronze plaques.  If there is additional information you desire, please do not hesitate to send us an email using our ContactUs page
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